Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top 10 Wedding Destinations in United States

Wedding is an important ceremony that marks the beginning of married life for a couple. It is a joyous affair that needs to be celebrated and planned carefully to the last detail. There are tons of details that you need to plan to make your wedding extra special and the Internet is the perfect source for unlimited resources for your every need.

Asides picking out the right ring and wedding attire for both the bride and the groom, you need to sort out the small details to the ceremony: what type of wedding do you want, cake, how big the party is, honeymoon, guest list, and the list goes on and on. In addition to this information, an important element to a wedding is the place where you want your wedding to be held. There is different type/variety of weddings that you can choose. You can either have a church wedding, themed wedding, garden/outside wedding, and wedding at night – basically anything that you dream off.

To help you decide, here is a list of cheap wedding destination in the United States that you can choose from:
·         Kauai (Hawaii) – if you love the beach and would love to dwell outside and enjoy the sun, then Kauai is the perfect cheap wedding destination for you. Kauai is located in Hawaii and has the perfect beach setting for an outdoors wedding. You can choose from a number of beach fronts once you get there. What’s great in Kauai is that the staff is very friendly and helpful so if you need any help with papers and licenses, don’t hesitate to ask.

·         New Orleans – New Orleans is the ideal place for a cheap wedding destination intended for music lovers. New Orleans has been called the jazz capital in the United States for its numerous jazz festivities throughout the year. Not only is New Orleans known for its music but also for the assortment of great cuisine that you can enjoy.

·         Disneyland – who doesn’t enjoy a fantasy wedding and Disneyland is just the perfect place to have that magical experience. Disneyland is not just a theme parked enjoyed by the kids who frequent it but Disneyland is also a great choice if you want a cheap wedding destination that will fill your memories with fantasy, sparkle, magic and a little touch of extraordinary.

·         Chicago – Chicago is also a cheap wedding destination that you should remember especially The Art Institute. If you are a lover of all forms of art then this is the perfect choice for you. Often used in movie and television shows, The Art Institute also caters to wedding and other private functions throughout the year.

·         The Great Smokey Mountains – If you love the great outdoors, Gatlinburg should be on top of your list. The Great Smokey Mountains is the perfect wedding destinations if you plan to have a big ceremony with your friends and family. It doesn’t cost as expensive as most venue plus it can be as romantic as intimate because of the serenity of nature and the wild.

There are numerous cheap wedding destinations that you can choose from. All differs from price range and idea behind it. Search the internet for the perfect destination that fits your preference and discuss the details with your wedding planner or family. You don’t have to spend huge amount of your budget on the wedding destination alone since there are a number of cheap wedding destinations that you can choose from either locally or internationally.

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